Andrew Rabyniuk

Andrew Rabyniuk


Thank You

I am proposing to give a short format, ‘artist talk’ presentation that will include a basic introduction to my artistic practice but will concentrate on three performance-based projects I recently completed. The projects will be described individually and discussed in relation to each other. The talk will concluded by contextualizing each projects as ‘developmental process’ for my research into the formal and spatial potential of knots.
•    Project 1, 1000 Tears: Torn Between, is performance-fabrication scheme that involved ripping paper to produce a sound–object diptych. The process was document though audience participation.
•    Project 2, The Count, is a minimalist script turned into a short play that addressed the formal result of combining a layering voices in a predetermined, relational framework.
•    Project 3, ( V : ( V ) : V ), is a collaborative writing project that revived the aesthetic theory of ‘negative empathy’ as means to develop character expressions for perpetrators and victims of violent acts.
All three projects have a common concern for the moments when people come into contact with one another.
I will concluded the talk by describing the direction of my main area of research, the ways in which craft products and processes shape the material world and our corresponding experiences therein. During this section of the presentation I will by briefly discuss some general concerns for my practice – the correlation between material and social form, types of participation and interaction in performance, and issues with art as an empathetic practice – and how the three projects listed above fit in with those concerns.



Andrew lives in Kingston, Ontario. He studied architecture at the University of Manitoba, textiles at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and is currently working on an MA in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. His work focuses on how craft products and processes are involved in shaping the material world and our corresponding experiences therein.

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