Undisciplined Collective

Carina Magazzeni

Carina Magazzeni is an MA candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University and an organizing member on the Undisciplined Collective. She holds a BA(Hons) in History of Art and Visual Culture with a Concentration in Curatorial Studies from Brock University, and a Graduate Certificate in Event Management from Niagara College. Her current research focuses on museum display strategies and critical animal studies, specifically the rhetoric of nature conservation/education/preservation and national identity narratives found within natural history museums. Magazzeni organizes the Visual Bites in Context program at the Union Gallery (Queen’s University) and has undertaken curatorial projects at the St. Catharines Museum, Rodman Hall Art Centre (Brock University), and various artist-run centres in the Niagara Region.

Lois Klassen

Lois Klassen is a Cultural Studies PhD student at Queen’s University. Her collaborative and participatory art works have appeared galleries, museums and schools in Canada and abroad. Her texts have explored the impact of performance art on street audiences, the relevance of art coming out of “nowhere,” and the declarations of current feminist practices. She has also worked as a research ethics coordinator, an art educator, and an Occupational Therapist. Lois Klassen holds a Master of Applied Art degree from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, a Diploma in Art History from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, textile arts training from Capilano University in North Vancouver, and a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy from the University of Manitoba.

Jamie McKenzie-Naish

Jamie McKenzie-Naish is a museum educator and PhD student with Cultural Studies at Queen’s University.  An emerging academic, her research interests focus on the nature of the museum as a public space and a pedagogical intervention, the relational act of encounter between people, objects, narratives and ideas, and ultimately how these intersections relate to public museum policy, and the shaping of community and public discourses, and has specialist professional knowledge in informal learning, resource development and program management.  She holds her BA (Hons) in Anthropology and Classical History from Trent University, B.Ed (primary/junior) from Queen’s University, MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester (UK), and her PRINCE2  project management professional certification (APMG International).  Jamie currently lives in Kingston, Ontario with her husband, Stephen Lee Naish, who writes books about film, culture and politics, and their 4-year son, Hayden, who, at the moment, prefers to tell stories about his diggers and stuffed animals.

Nicole MacDougall

Nicole MacDougall is a member of the Undisciplined Collective  and is completing her MA in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University.  She is a graduate of Cape Breton University having completed her BA in Honours English along with a Theatre Arts Certificate. Her current research examines the ways performance can engage communities to create change around feminist issues.

Adam Saifer

Adam Saifer is an Undisciplined Collective Member and a PhD student at Queen’s University in the Cultural Studies program. His current research looks at NGOs and non-profits that mobilize the arts for ‘development’ in Canadian urban youth communities. At the moment, he’s interested in the relationship between the arts-based policies and practices of these organizations and the cultural logic that underpins dominant Canadian national mythologies such as Canada as International Peacekeeper, and Canada as Multicultural Utopia.

Poyraz Kolluoglu

Poyraz Kolluoglu is a graduate student in the program of Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, Kingston since 2013. He completed his undergraduate studies at Bilkent University, Ankara in the department of International Relations, earned his master degree in International Relations in 2010 at Marmara University, Istanbul. During graduate studies, he spent one year in Pavia University, Italy as an exchange student specializing in nationalism theories, microstoria narrations, postcolonial theories and discussions of modernity. His master thesis titled “‘Modernism in Ottoman&Turkish Music: Occidentalist and Modernist Anxiety in One Party Era” was published in various academic journals and presented in international conferences. He published several articles discussing politics, popular culture, social problems in various national newspapers in Turkey. He was involved in an urban research project as a research assistant, and was a Ph.D. student at Bogazici University before starting his studies at Queen’s University.  His research interests include social movements, contentious politics and public spaces in 19th century Europe, Ottoman Empire in 19th century, popular culture, sociology of music, historiography, theories of nationalism, neoliberalism, Turkish socio-economic history. He is currently working on social mobilization theories, counter-cultural and environmentalist trends, and emotions in the context of early 21st century social movements.

Amanda White

Amanda White is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto and Kingston, ON. Her work focuses on relationships between species, urban ecology, and most recently people and plants. Amanda is a second year student in the Cultural Studies PhD program at Queen’s University where her practice-led research consists of a body of work examining human relationships with plants and plant-otherness. Her projects are often collaborative and have included web-based and community-based work, interactive elements, theatre production, writing, curatorial work and gallery installations. Recent projects include: the Neighborhood Spaces residency program (Windsor), exhibitions at Plug-In ICA (Winnipeg), the Ontario Science Centre, Forest City Gallery (London) and Toronto’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. This winter she participated in the thematic residency Food Water, Life with Lucy and Jorge Orta at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Amanda received an MFA from the University of Windsor and a BFA in Drawing and painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design. amandawhite.com

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