It is with deep disappointment that we announce that UnDisciplined 2020, scheduled to take place in Kingston, Ontario from March 20-22nd has been cancelled due to the escalating fears of COVID-19 transmission. The conference collective, and our collaborators, have been monitoring word-wide developments related to COVID-19, the actions of similar organizations in adjacent jurisdictions, and consulting reports released by relevant health authorities. While Queen’s University has not (yet) mandated the cancellation of events, we prefer to be proactive rather than reactive. Last year, UnDisciplined saw over 200 attendees, and with this escalating threat to public health it is in everyone’s best interest that we cancel the conference out of an abundance of caution and compassion. 

We would also like to note that most companies are offering reimbursements for cancelled flights/train rides during this time. 

We’re sorry for this inconvenience, but we feel that this is the most ethical course of action given this emerging public health crisis.

Please keep an eye out for UnDisciplined in the future, and take care.

The UnDisciplined 2020 Collective